This boys earned a basketball for his
hard work on Wizards basketball at school.
He was proud!

Ha ha ha, this picture is staged, but it cracks me up.
I was trying to tell him how to make the heart sign with his hands.
And we got it, but also a fake smile.  Makes me LOL.

I am usually *that mom* who makes a creative and awesome (labor intensive)
valentine...but not this year.
It is a sign that the boys are getting older.  They were not into Valentines this year.
So, we went to KMart and they picked their favorite.
I was secretly hoping they would turn to me and ask to make homemade ones...
but it was not to be, they were excited about the ones they had chosen. Sigh.

Some days are like this.  Love.

And, I did get them to let me make a Valentine lunch for school.

And when I got home that night, Joe had saved his peel and brought it home in his backpack.

We also made some fun fruit skewers for their classrooms...
Stephen Curry helped us.

This dear boy brought me a bag of conversation hearts from his classroom party.
Proceeded to tell me that his friends didn't really like them so he collected them off their desks
for me....ahem, yum.  Thank you dear boy, the THOUGHT was very nice {wink}
Love him.

And this is the best, when they go thru their valentines
pick their favorite, mostly because it is from their friend.

Sorry for the order, again with the phone blogging...

A sweet and small valentine for my boys

The High School Musical DVD, he was so excited.

And an NBA sticker book

Then a special Valentine breakfast

And my valentine for my co-workers.

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