Best Seafood Ever!

Our Friend Mark sent us a generous amount of seafood
around Christmas this year. we were so excited to eat some of the goodness.
We invited The Grabers for lunch because they love seafood along with us!
Joe made celery with peanut butter, a favorite premeal treat of the Grabers.

The swordfish.
Oh my word.  It was amazing.
I am forever sold on it.
Now, this was good quality seafood, so it may have me spoiled.
And this boy, he was head over heals for it as well!
He kept asking for more.

Followed by sequence

And superhero dress up

Thank you, thank you Mark and Nicole for the delicious seafood.
We are spoiled now, for sure!

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Isa and Kai's mama said...

Glad you loved it!! We're taking orders for July! :)