Gym time

Sam's basketball season is in full swing,too.
He plays mostly for the 4th grade teams,
 but plays B games for the 5th grade when they have them.
I have taken this crew to practice afterschool several times,
wouldn't trade being able to do that for the world.
Love hearing their chatter and energy...love it.

This was at a tournament in Evansville.  They played some tough teams and came up short,
great competition, though.

Cousin love between games.

This was one of those, how are we going to be everywhere days.
I had to work and DH had practice with Joe, Sam played early in Evansville,
so Dan went down for that and then back for practice with Joe.
Good thing Uncle Will helps coach, so Sam stayed with him.
Loved the updates!

I am one of those weird moms who loves her ballers
and gym time.  No complaints here.

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