December Happenings

We made cookies,
thought at the time it was a small effort
and we would have time for the bigger better version,
turns out that was a thought
so looking back, glad we have fun with this simple/easy version!

An almost nightly occurence in our home, the running football or
whatever small ball (that is deemed appropriate to be thrown inside) catch.
Mama got in on the action this night, it (my version) was hideous and giggles ensued.

Came home from running Sam to basketball practice to find, oh no,
wait...DH pushed it over. It was dead and needed to be done, 
but the timing...not the first time he failed to communicate
needing help on one of his projects lol

Turned out to be a fun evening outside
in the mild temps

He had actually cut down 6-8 other trees
(we had marked them, so we knew they were dead)
and we pulled them to the field
to cut up and burn later.

We were given so many beautiful sunsets this winter

 12.10.15 Sam took special Golden State Warrior cupcakes 
to school to celebrate his December birthday

A lady here in town made his cupcakes, I told her
she is in my phone as Barbara Cookie (she makes super yummy and cute treats)


Sam was invited to play up on the 5th grade team this year when there was a B game to be played.
He did so well at these games.  Drove down to Jasper to watch him this Saturday (DH had to miss to haul litter) and he scored a couple buckets.

 Our team won, boys stayed to support the 6th grade.
 I took Joe to annual cookie day at Aunt Polly's
and this is the only picture I took (unusual)
thought I would bring Drew and Sam back, but they ran late in Jasper.

So, by the time I picked them up, I knew they would be starving.
Will and Jill had headed to Indy to Christmas shop.
But, no, they were not, after all they had been left with $5 each
Drew bought 3 popcorns and 2 candy bars
Sam bought 2 popcorns, a candy bar, and sour gummies.
Did you need a drink I asked?
Nope, that would have wasted our money.
Budget wise, I love it.
I got them some protein (albeit fast food) anyway, haha.
Again, with the mild temps
they played ball

Came in the make battle flags or something, they ran around outside most of the time.

And headed out side to play more basketball.

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