Celebrating a decade!

This was a special Christmas because our 
Christmas day baby turned a decade old.
We celebrated from dawn till dusk - people 
often say Sam gets a bad deal having his birthday on Christmas,
but he sees his whole family, who love and celebrate him, every single year!
He loves it. never a complaint.

Our special birthday corner,
we take time for special birthday presents
in the morning after the excitement of Christmas has worn off-
Celebrating 10 years!

He brings us so much joy, look at that smile.
When you get one of those from Sam, you know you've done something right.

A special birthday present from Miss Isa

A this special Geronimo Stilton book with golden pages

And then we had a special celebration, complete wit the birthday song at my brother's house.

And wouldn't you know that Grandma made him a special birthday dessert, too!
See, you all just get one cake?!?  And stay tuned, we have a friend party coming too!
This boy knows how to celebrate a birthday in style!

So completely in awe of the sweet, strong boy you are becoming, Sam.
Love you.

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