Christmas Eve 2015

Our Christmas is full of tradition...
one of those traditions is mama working Christmas Eve...boo.
But, we woke up early and shared gifts with each other.
The boys exchange gifts with each other
partially because they can't wait and so that they don't mix in with everything else!
And of course their jammies from mama and dad.

Sam was so excited about his Stephen Curry bobblehead

And Joe got a new sonic racer

And the ornaments, how did I forget to get a pic of Joe's?
It is a microphone about his first (church) performance

Our Golden Gate Bridge 

After work, we headed to my family celebration with my aunts and uncles
and all the Walker family
My Cousin Jess make this cake for our Christmas Birthdays~

Morgan read the Christmas story this year.

Joe read us the The Night Before Christmas this year, fun tradition.
Loved hearing him read it.

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