10th Birthday NBA style

We hosted a 10th birthday party for 
Drew (Feb 9) and Sam (Dec 25)
and they all had a blast.
We rented a gym, so they could get together with their buddies
and play...and then we got the note that they had practice from 5-7...but it didn't matter.
We picked them all up from practice...all the 4th and 5th graders because they have become close.

It might have been the easiest party ever...at this age, they don't care about decorations
and they want to eat pizza. DH and I had went to Fort Wayne during the day for a dear uncle that passed away.  We came back for DH to have practice with Joe for basketball and then pick up boys for the party.  Thank goodness Aunt Jill got the cupcakes and pizza!

 Who knows, we were not responsible for accidents. haha.
 It quickly became a game of shirts and skins, surprised?  Nope, its boys.
 We did have some NBA decor, specifically the Golden State Warriors of course!

Aunt Jill also had some NBA basketball cards as prizes for games.
DH ran a couple rounds of put-out...an all time favorite.
And free throw contest, and couple of running, shooting drills

Waiting for the finish.

 Looking at the prize pack. 
They love these cards.

 The youngest baller there, but he held his own.

End of the free throw competition, they were trying to get him to mess up, turds.

my beauty girl, Miss J

Some serious smiles and all around good time fun.

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Blake Callahan said...

Sam and Drew look like they loved having their picture taken lol!! What a great party :)