More of Our December 15

 You are my best friend in the world.
I'm telling you...their connection is undeniable.
We cannot wait to see Miss Isa Mr Kaiden and Mom and Pop this summer!

12.14.15 An early present for my boys, so we could enjoy them

Making Miss Isa's Christmas present - he worked hard
on a box that she can keep special things in
(he said it would probably be his letters to her <3 p="">

Sneaky elf.

This boy stopped by work, sweet thing.

We spent a Sunday afternoon playing trivial pursuit,
new version is so neat, it has a kids and adult deck so you can play together.

Didn't matter, mama was terrible...orange Joe, blue Sam,
purple...mama. ugh

More basketball, it is Indiana.

 We might be the definition of " There is corn and basketball in Indiana"

We likely look like bad parents, with our kids in summer clothes,
I'm telling you, it was mild BEFORE Christmas, 
we have had some chilly weather since

Me and my girl - knowing that this will be one of the last shift I worked with her!

DH sent this pic to me from the farm, love them

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Blake Callahan said...

I love all of these memories!!