Joe's Singing and Poem Debut

Christmas Sunday
was super special this year
because Joe's program was that night.
This is the best we could do,
I'll take it, at least everyone was happy
{and I turned Joe's undershirt around}

This was not staged.
Seriously, what I got when I asked for the picture.

 Joe's program was so cute.
It was based around a little boy, Mitch, that kept getting into mischief.
Joe was Mitch and stole the show when he came out before everyone else (hello brave boy)
snuck to the front of the church and stole baby Jesus from the manger scene and hid him, where the audience could see him, then made the sush sigh...he did perfect and I had no idea he was doing that.
We practiced lines and his song, but this part was a surprise!

When he got done, he signed autographs for our family that attended.
He was excited that so many people came!  

The kids also got to present their program/sing 
for some residents of Parkview Nursing Home
I enjoyed it because I also got to see 3 of my favorite patients from the pharmacy that have moved there...they remembered me too and that was special!

Joe wrote a poem, his leader allowed kids to play an instrument and he didn't have that talent...he was said until he remembered he loves to write.
DH and I helped him think of words, but he came up with most of it..so sweet.

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Blake Callahan said...

He was so sweet in that program!