Moments important enough for a photo...

I have enough blog books to know that the major events in life,
the holidays, birthdays, school plays, sports events, are all 
very fun to read about...but it is the everyday moments from our life
that have been captured are the best treasures of all.

Sam has become very interested in chores.
He has asked about dishes and laundry and sweeping the floors.
I posted this picture on Instagram and said..
You are welcome future wife.

We have always asked the boys to help around the house.
It is super important for them to have their everyday responsibilities.
In addition to that, it is super important for them to be involved in
what it takes to keep our house a tidy home.  

I also must insert that Joe has always been my go to boy - he *almost* always 
jumps to help when I ask.  Love that, such a sweet boy.

Again, with the games.
We love board games, card games...love that screen free family time.

This boy right here comes out to perform
every.single.night. {ok, that is a stretch because we are not home,but when we are...}
Sometimes it is jokes, sometimes throwing the ball,
tonight it was juggling.  Pure joy, this boy.

And a charmer he is as well, he has been wearing a tie to school quite often.
Our school secretary, my high school bestie sent me this selfie with him and
our school nurse.

And we discovered a few mornings ago that he is longer than the blanket that 
Blake made him when he was just a babe.

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Blake Callahan said...

Oh my goodness that selfie with Kerry and Tiffany!!!