Walker Christmas 2015

We meet with my brothers and families for brunch on Christmas Day!
We all come mid morning with hearty appetites -
and we started the day by overheating the house and smoke detectors!
Dan making his made to order pancakes.  

We had f.u.n. with the selfie sticks my nieces got in the stockings.
It brings out the silly in everyone, love it.

Cole and his gf Chassidy

I love this one of DH and his girls.
He loves them something fierce~

Joe made Noah a homemade gift and included some wrist bands,
it was just what Noah wanted.

Our gift to Miss Morgan to decorate her bedroom!

Me and my Jill, love her.

Playing with their gifts.  Hungry Bear

And Bean-boozled, the jelly belly tasting game.
It was a hoot, the kids all got one.
Puke or green apple
Baby wipes or coconut
It was hilarious, glad it was them playing,

I love love love this one. These are my gals!

Sam talked the guys into playing trivial pursit,
the gals watched the Rockettes on TV

The crew - Christmas 2015

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Blake Callahan said...

My heart is so full reading this!!! a genuine smile from Dan?? Yes!!! And I love that pic of us girls!!