First BB Gun

New Years Day was cold but the sun felt so good.
DH took some time to get Sam's first gun out and show him how to use it.
We decided on a BB Gun with the boys turn 10. Some kids around here are full
fledged hunting by now, DH, nor our boys, show much interest in deer hunting.
But, I do think gun safety is super important.
DH was very specific on the gun, how it is held, reloading, pointing, and the boys
thought they might never get to shoot. But alas, their turns came.  
I love how thorough he was with their instruction.  
And, also placed it in the locked gun cabinet.  

We got out Sam's targets from his bow.

And Joe got a lesson as well.
One gun though, for now. haha

DH showing his marksmanship

 I purchased some inexpensive exploding cans,
but they were a total bust.  Not work the trickle of ooze they let out when they were hit.

And little boy was mischevious, hanging on our front door and pulled of decorative trim.
DH had it back up by that night though.

I love being a boy mama on days like this.
I love to be at home, enjoying new things, learning about "man" things.

DH had to finish off by getting out his shotgun.  It was so loud! Boys loved the destruction.

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