Graber Hill Contractors

I hired the Graber Hill Contractors to do a fireplace remodel for me,
and did they ever deliver!
I had been collecting ideas from Pinterest for years.
And thought we might go with something *simple, you know I'm a builder* like this:

It should be easy to paint {and distress} the bottom and make the top look more craftsman, maybe
some distressed boards stained dark.  But, what color?  My table is black with wood...but I loved the look of the white fireplaces...

And, I even saved pictures like this...I was determined to figure out a way to use that
wasted space in the corner.

And then there was this, never gonna happen, picture from houzz...

And my contractor came up with something even better.

I {love} it.

It is made from the wood from his parents barn (that has been redone).
It looks ahamazing!
despite my inability to take a great photo.

now it had looked nicer in days past, but I knew we were changing it.
We didn't hang the TV prior to this because I was deciding whether to keep the fireplace at all {gasp}.
We don't use it very often, I think it has a strong smell...but how do you let a fireplace go.
It is such a great feature!!
The issues:  that boring tan color and fancy accents, the style was not ours.
But that wasted corner was so frustrating...I used the photo screen simply to hide the
TV/DVR cords because the only plug was over there and low on that wall.
Yep, we also thought of moving the whole unit (and the gas line, ick) to the corner..
but it doesn't fit the room very well.

So, one day over winter break, DH jumped up an pried the embellishment off the front
and there was no turning back.  This is when I get nervous and can't make decisions
and also think, this doesn't really need to be done. 

Point of no return, and we lived like this for a month.
Yep, we were making progress.
When the Graber Hill Farmers had time to be Graber Hill Contractors, that is!

And life went on with the TV on the floor..we had some paint work to do
because we decided to put in right on the floor not up on the base that was there.

Mama did the patch work and the boys signed their names.

 I was sent photos for progress at work.
DH cut the base down and squared it off originally, but
after we looked at some pics -newer versions are placed right on the floor and we liked that.

It had to be painted black underneath because the boards are not perfectly straight.

And just the right boards had to be selected, planed, cut, stained and nailed down.
This was the time that I asked if could add the wall boards as a background
for the TV, it was the best!

Oh, and then it got too cold to do finish wood work, it their garage set up
So DH and Sam built themselves a garage work bench.
It was much needed, will make the back garage great.

And in true DH fashion, he called me one day as I was leaving work and said I needed to come straight home...I had no idea it was this close to being done.
This is what I found when I got home!

And now I have this gorgeous fireplace unit and am very afraid to decorate it!

I'll get there, LOL

Happy Valentine's to Me!!
 I heart my contractor.

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Blake Callahan said...

It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!