Somedays, they are still babes.
Early on this snow day, I found them playing stuffed animals,
who all still have names.
I can see Igsby, giraffe, shock, minecraft cow, fluffy,
fluffters, sonic and tails, rally, power, icee ,curry, and bunny...need I mention more? haha.
Truth is: they can do this for hours and get along.
Screen free, child play - I'll take it.
These days of simple play are fewer and far between since
the boys are getting older.

Why oh why won't Joe leave his comforter on his bed.
He has a serious problem with the comforter that matches Sam's bed.
Crack me up.  He love he texture of flannel, so this old blanket of Dan's from college
 (that Grandma made so we do love it) is his choice.
He asked for his own space, but for sure still in the same room with Sam.
So we pulled his bed out and made it separate (instead of stowing it each night).
I love hearing them chatter after we put them to bed at night.
Sweet memories.

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