Snow Day Authors

While we waited for the temps to rise on our 2nd snow day,
we wrote ourselves some books.
Each boy chose a topic that he enjoyed,
created a cover and title page.
They already knew they were the illustrator and author
and got to work.

I had picked these up awhile back from the dollar area at Target.
Such a great score because they were 8/dollar.
I love that it allowed the boys to be creative, but we lived and learned with markers
and both had to start over.

They used their ipads to research details they wanted to learn about their topics.

Sam chose NBA, he is a little obsessed - I encouraged him to learn about the cities the teams are in...
sneaky mama.

And Joe loves anything related to space.
I still think Pluto is a planet.  What do these new scientists know anyway?

This project was a huge hit with my pre tween boys, haha.  Seriously, they still want to be crafty...
but so many of the crafts are geared towards Joe's age as the top and then down.
Huge hit and mama has a small souvenir to keep!

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Blake Callahan said...

What a great way to mix learning and fun!