Second Grade Lions Basketball

Joe's second grade basketball league was short and sweet!
It is quite a transition from Y-ball where most everything is allowed,
and most of Joe's classmates hadn't played in a basketball game at all.
He loved every (well most) minute of it...
 We did manage to pull out a victory this year, so the boys were proud of that.

I was impressed with Joe and his desire to play.
He was quite the hustler and kept his attitude positive,
love that.

DH and his basketball coaching debut (and finale).  
He took on the team at the last minute, enjoyed it, but will probably pass it on next year.

Take care of the ball Joe...I heard that phrase from DH a few times.

Was in Evansville all day for a tourney with Sam the second weekend,
zoomed up to Bloomfield for Joe's last game week 3!
By this week, we had picked up a new player and were out of jerseys,
so we pulled one of Sam's old jerseys out.  Joe was pumped to wear Sam's jersey.

Last week, he knew it was a tourney game, he was excited.
He played so hard...

This was his (precious), I know I can't call it that...
{fierce} that would be better for a boy,
in bounds play.
He said, "Mom, I have to slap the ball real hard and yell go."
And did he ever, his hand hurt after the game.
I told him he might be able to take a little off the slap.

And it was cut short, he collided with another of his players going after the ball
and was knocked backwards and his head hit the floor - very hard.
Take your mama breath away hard.  
DH, the coach, went right out and got him - Joe came around right away.
But, he was scared.  I was too. And so was the coach.
He tried to stay on the bench for a bit, and told DH he wanted to play again.
It's such a tough balance. 
But, as soon as he stood up, he wasn't able to play.
He was really nervous by now, so DH sent him over to me.
I was never so glad to get my hands on him,
reassure (and assess) him, ha.
A teammates mama is a nurse (thank you Amy), so we looked him over pretty good.
A boy in crowd got us some ice, and we were able to calm him down.
He wanted to go back the the bench to cheer on his teammates.
We stayed for the game. And took some team pictures!

Row 1 Mason B, Brody G, Owen T, Declan T, Evan W
Row 2 Brentlee F, Jonathan F, Paxton A, Joe G, and Liam H

And then the decision to have him evaluated?
Our resident NP, Will stopped by that night to evaluate him.
He was fine by then.  He likely had a mild concussion,
so we held electronics and recess for a couple of days and we were back on track.

He loved the season and has not put the ball down since then.
He dribbles in the house all.the.time.

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Blake Callahan said...

I love that little boy....and go coach Dan!!!