The glorious day after!

December 26 is a glorious day in my book.
For one, my brother Will was born this day, so growing up it was a special day, too.
The hustle of the holiday is over
and if the stars align (as they did this year)...mama is off work!

We awoke and broke in my new Christmas present, as toaster oven,
I was pumped!

Joe put together his Lego sets by 9am, haha

with some reinforcements from big brother

And we hunkered in the basement enjoying new gifts in our jammies.
Including dancing to Joe's new Just Dance on the xbox!
Sam loved his new video rocker from Grandma and Grandpa!

This new carboard space station from Aunt Jill came with it's own tools
and GREEK directions.  Ugh,...mama had to call in DH for reinforcements on this one.

And the bigger Joey D's smile became as things came together,
the longer DH's face became...not really, but looks like it here.

And later in the day Sam's gift card was burning a hole in his pocket 
and he wanted a box that he could put the combination lock on that mama
had gotten him in his stocking.
This one was just perfect.

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