1st Colts Game!

We snuck in an impromptu trip to see the Colts.
Friends offered us a chance for tickets on the one day we had free
in December, LOL.
We had a great time, and of course it was the one day
that is was COLD outside, the walk from the parking garage
to the stadium was brutal.
We are working on making these boys Colts fans,
it is all basketball and baseball at our house.

Blake and Noah were there too, right behind those fireworks,
we texted the whole game but did not see them.

First down, I became terrible at this, and it was our joke.

It was a great game, we saw some touchdowns right below us in the endzone.
Colts lost though to the Houston Texans.
We loved the experience and the boys got the fever.
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Blake Callahan said...

Aww it was a fun time!!!