Commiting God's Word in our Heart

Our two boys worked so hard over Christmas break to learn 32 bible verses each.
These bible verses earned them the right to go to bible memory camp this summer.
Sam loves camp and Joe gets to go for his first time this summer.
Sam requirement was 16 verses said at a time
and it was a tough one.
But, after he committed those 1st 16 verses to memory.,,
he was determined to learn the 2nd 16 just as fast.
A snow day in early January was just what he needed.
And he was SO PROUD to tell me that he was the 1st one done at church.
Truth be told, there were some tears and a minor arguments getting him to do these...
but seeing him realize he could do it was so very worth it. 
And then there was that little brother of his, 
he learned all of his verses too...it a totally different fashion.
Joe was required to say 32 verses also (slightly shorter), said 4 at a time.
He chose to do 8 at a time, and the last 16 all at once.  He did great.
He needed to record himself and have motions to make them stick.
Whatever it takes, he loved the excuse to use mom's camera on her phone.


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