Graber Christmas 2015

We headed to Grandma and Grandpa
to celebrate Christmas with the Grabers in the afternoon!
The kids are always excited when we all get there,
this year we opened some gifts first.  

Joe made a present for grandma that was 15 reasons he loved her
{in my old tupperware bowl <3 p="">
She loved it very much.

We got Grandma and Grandpa a new ice cream maker

Grandma had a special meal.
Her holiday punch, homemade rolls, standing rib roast..special indeed
And then the dessert

Grandpa sent Grandma flower for their anniversary (the 22nd)

And we followed dinner with stockings

Christmas Day was a full moon outside, likely we won't see this again,
last was in the 70s

Joe was pumped because he got a moon light from
Aunt Shannon

Richly blessed this Christmas Day 2015.

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Blake Callahan said...

What a sweet present Joe made!!