Insert Proud Mama Moment.

Sam made high honor roll.
Were this mom and dad ever proud!?!
He has consistently made honor roll, but he does work at it.
We look over homework, study for our tests
and know this is in contrast to some of his classmates that just get it 1st time.
But, this year, has been an absolute joy.
He comes home with work done (during free time at school)
and we only have to tug on teeth to encourage studying
Something is clicking..I think it is his teacher...and I've told her so.
She says he has also matured and she is right about that as well.
Either way, this high honor mark certainly makes his parents proud!
And this mama is also proud that all of his buddies
are right there with him. Nice to know he is surrounded by some great kids, too.
Proud of my nephew Drew, high honors also!

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Blake Callahan said...

Good job Sam & Drew!!