Christmas Balance

When it comes to celebrating the true meaning of Christmas
raising kids to understand this is a challenge -
 let's be completely real, 
not overdoing it (over buying, planning, creating, scheduling)
as adults is also a challenge.
DH helps reel me in sometimes when I feel the need for everything to be perfect
and says, just let it be.
So, true - so so true.
I spent time last year coming up with the perfect response about Santa, I could sense
the question was coming...and I had it all laid out.
They asked I was honest, Sam was good.
For whatever reason...
Joe didn't believe me...
and so this year, Santa lingered.
And I realized just how quick the magic of this part of Christmas is gone..
and so when Joe came out with a letter to Santa,
I just let it be.

There are too many reasons kids grow up too fast,
Joe will get it soon, I think he kinda knows
and still chooses to believe.
So we sent off the letter AND
set out the nativity.

And later in the month, more Santa evidence...

Letter to Santa in the Loogootee Tribune

Joe had a big part in a program at church and he worked hard
learning his lines (and song that he sang eek).
I was proud of his hard work,
he wanted to get it right.

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