Condo with the Grands: Day 1

Rewind time back to Thanksgiving Break...
I considered shortening posts to make up time
but the future me will be so disappointed if I miss these
sweet times!

We took the grands with us to the condo for Thanksgiving 2015!
Grandpa gave the boys a ride to the room...upon our 1 am arrival!

We slept off our drive and day one did not disappoint - it was GORGEOUS
for break this year, simply beautiful.

Grandpa didn't get in the pool, but he might as well have.
The waterballs they tossed back and forth did the trick anyway.

Remembering the glorious sunshine.
I can feel its warmth as I type...
I love this picture of our sweet sonshine Samuel.

This trip is sooooo relaxed and leaves time for some condo game time!
 I played several rounds with both boys...didn't realize Joe wasn't keeping track right
until several rounds in, haha...joke was on me.

And Joey D rediscovered the big ol bathtub...took a soak everyday.

We capped the night off with our favorite...Floyds shrimp
where the Boardwalk was so pretty decked out for Christmas

And Yogurt Mountain for the boys, the rest of us were too stuffed

My toothless boy has teeth now...only 2 months later!!

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