Hoosier Staycation: Sleep 6 | Part 1

Sleep 6 started with our standard morning coffee,
loved my time here talking with Nicole
while the kids woke up slowly.
And, by slowly, I mean by 730 at the latest, ha.
We had an active crew.
By this day. we had worked out that we would stay home
on their last day here for a slower paced day and laundry and packing...
so today was our last adventure away from the hometown!

Sam treated us to his "Indiana Eggs" which turns out are much like Washington eggs with a lot more salt and pepper (we are working on that)...according to Isa.
I fried up some fresh bacon from the farm and we all agreed that the dad's who were off
on yet another fishing venture had missed out!!!

Dan's Uncle Terry took them out on his Bass Boat 
and to hear Mark tell the tale of the incoming storm while they were on the water...
He was going on about how they put him in the South west corner of the boat
where the lightening was striking.  He was genuinely concerned, understandable
as lightening isn't super common in his parts!! Alas, they waited the storm out in shelter
and could return to fishing
where they were
Rippin' Lips Off
Bill Dancin' 'Em....
oh how many times we heard those words, worth the chuckes.

And later that night, they were looking up state record fish,
Mark has his sites on some records in WA state now, 
we would like to see his name make the roster!

I sent Blake this picture of the monster cookies she brought us...
I think the big boys might have finished them off as a quick breakfast on the way out to fish.

These kiddos were equally pleased with relaxation as activity.  And so comfortable
with each other by this time.
We had some battle of wills from our younger two, you know the ones
who are usually the leaders..good for them both, you know!
Both moms could be heard saying...you'll be all right, pick your battles, be kind....ha,ha.

We packed up a lunch of PB and J and headed to our favorite state park!