Hoosier Staycation: Sleep 5

We woke up to gorgeous sunshine and skies on Wednesday.
We found the dad's, but not until later in the morning.
They woke up and went fishing at Grandpa's Pond.
My favorite thing is seeing the vacation thru our guest's eyes..so I
took a snapshot of a few of Mark's facebook posts...and a way to get a few more pictures, too!

Caught some bigger fish, and we heard fish stories.

Sam ran down to get the mail and Isa rode his bike along with him.

And a round of giant checkers before the day got steamy.

We ate lunch and then headed over to West Baden Springs and French Lick.

The place speaks for itself.
We took in the views.

Captured some smiles.

Played some board games.

And a trolley ride to the other hotel.
It was steamy hot by this time, not gonna lie about that.

Somehow there is always a breeze on this porch,
could have sat for a long while here!

That perfect smile from Miss Isa and Mr Sam, well...personality.

These two, no loss for words.
We could have walked off and left them, I don't think they would have noticed.

But, alas, we went to check out the reason so many folks flocked to these historic hotels.
They (stinky) sulfer springs.
Yep, before the depression many famous people came here to bath and drink in the healing spring's water.
The smell still exists, no thanks.
Mark was trying to see if it would make his hair regrow.
We looked but did not see results....all week.
Isa wanted a photo her so bad, but Sam was hot and a little turdy...
can we pretend his grimace is a smile?
A selfie with my LOVE.

The pops went home and the mamas took the kiddos to the movies.
We knew seeing The Secret Life of Pets
was on the must do list.
Loved it.
Funny laughs from the whole bunch.

Sam and Mark had a rematch of the ever going chess game.
Mark was thinking so hard his head hurt.

An afternoon evening swim because everyone was hot
from the day away!

Those humid temps brought in an Indiana Thunderstorm
and that drew a crowd.  They see lots of rain, but little thunder and lightening
so they enjoyed the storm.  It got a little darker than this
but I was over by the pizza!

And we introduced them to Dutch Blitz, in true Dutch fashion though...
our boys are too aggressive at this game.
We played several rounds and everyone was in on the action

The beautiful skies after the storm.