Hoosier Staycation: Sleep 1

4 kids (and 4 adults) have been waiting for a year
for this Hoosier Vacation...that includes as Miss Isa says: 7 sleeps!

These boys were overflowing with excitement to see their Washington buddies.

They did not miss a beat, all smiles from the beginning.
Mom's were relieved when the reconnected so quickly.
All those letters in between visits were sure to help. 

We stopped for a bite to eat, but were back home for an evening swim.
Perfect way to burn off the energy pent up from travel.

Four strong swimmers meant we spent A LOT of time poolside
all week long.

Stay tuned: this bond is going to be so apparent in 
photos throughout the week.
We heard Sam say the he would defend Isa (against the mischievous brothers, ha, of course).
He said he would stand up for her, even if she was wrong.

And those two younger boys of ours really loved spending time together, too.

We ended in the cozy basement with homemade popcorn and a movie.
They were ready to snuggle in and slept in the basement all together for the first few nights.

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lvsgma said...

Looks like a fun slumber party to me, I'm coming next time ;)