Hoosier Staycation: Sleep 3

Day 3 of the Hoosier Staycation was Holiday World for sure!
We had measured kids and bought tickets online
and chose the most promising day for the weather forecast
so that we would be ready to zoom in the gate for amusement park fun.
I was secretly hoping that my ride-shy guys would be brave and try some new rides at HW.
We started our day with Amish doughnuts, Mark couldn't believe they turned down a gravel road and went to the middle of nowhere to get them, but loved them and understood
why after he tasted them!

Love this candid shot.  Sweet friends, so at ease with each other!

We piled into the Amish hauler van for our ride to the park.

We arrived before the park opened so took a bathroom break and started at the wooden coaster.

Two by two. All week long.
The gate opened early so we snapped our must have Holiday World Photo with the date!

And on our way to the free sunscreen station, we spotted Santa
And we milled around the souvenir shop, goof.
Bigger Goof
And we discovered the gate was open to the old cars..so we hopped in line
This is always our first stop.  
Me and Mr Joe went on a date.
And Nicole with her boy Kai,
you know what that meant?
 Sam and Isa were riding together and then next car was a 4 seater...

We were dying laughing, Mark and Dan squished in the back.
I must admit I was a little distracted on my date with Joe so that I could get pictures of this:

It went this way all week, these two.  Think they enjoyed their car rides (NOVA included, although I didn't get a picture because I was swimming) and fishing all week.

A whirl on the merry go round
And a stop at the bumper cars...oh the smiles.

And this: the Liberty launch...they rode it twice!

The mini coaster

We ate lunch in Hot Dog Land because we were getting hungry 
and we found a shady spot, enjoyed corndogs and hotdogs
along with our free drinks, you know our kids chose water all day
even thought pop was FREE, not.  
Adults enjoyed, too!!

And then we stopped at Raging Rapids, DH didnt ride along
but snapped a funny picture!

We entered Thanksgiving Land and decided to ride the Legend.
Ugh, Joe got nervous at last minute and skipped the line with DH.
But, Mark and Kai and Isa and I rode.
It was intense.  
The first hill has a drop during which you cannot see the bottom.
I don't remember the rest.
Mark said he screamed the whole time until he realized that might make it worse for Kai.
When it ended, Isa was still all smiles.
She was the only one.

So we had to take 3 turns on the Turkey Shooter (no lines, Sam's request)
and to get Kaiden a better score...and most of all to settle down the roller coaster riders.
DH and I had a turkey shooter date behind Kai and Joe.
I lost. Kinda

We headed to the water park to cool off.
Snapped a couple pics at the start, 
and put the phone in safekeeping
so we could all enjoy the water park adventure.

Reapply sunscreen
and then head out to wave pool, big water slide (I waited with Sam while everyone else rode, ha)
Monsoon Lagoon, smaller slides (they have gotten to small,boo) and the lazy river.
We were water logged and ready to make a trek back thru for their favorite ride in the regular park.

We rode the swings, and the liberty launch one more time.
Sam chose to play a couple of games and won an NBA banner!

Joe and Isa chose their favorite animal from the gift shop ( we found the black cat for Isa, her favorite), guaranteed prize.
And Kaiden saved his money!

Back at home before dark, but we stayed later than usual at the park and everyone left happy and had
done all their things on their list.  Ready to play Just Dance.
We ate some lunch meat sandwiches
and the 
dad's surprised us by bringing home Dairy Queen blizzards!
Monster Cookie is the new flavor, and they had never heard of those....
better believe we had some rounded up from Mrs. Callahan!