Summer cleanup

Last week I had BIG help working on some summer clean up!
We cleaned out both garages and these guys worked hard with mama.
Grandma Jean also came and helped around the house, thanks Grandma!!

And, Sam helped me spray down and hang new lights on the front porch,
SO happy with them.

We didn't do the whole door {life's too short for that, ha...just a huge spot of bird doo}

We took a fun break at the city park, it was a gorgeous day.
We met Blake and DH for a nice lunch break.

Sam's face, we were dying.

Getting closer.

They were playing football, but then it became hit Joe 
with the football.

And then this garage needed our attention.
And I lost my helpers...
DH and I had done this one part way this winter..
need to do the windows, tidy things up and the floor.

And my helpers had found their way here.
It worked out perfect. I took frequent water breaks
to keep an eye on my babes.

Great day around home!