Preparing for our Hoosier Staycation

This giant box arrived at work last week
and we knew for sure the Riedesel family was coming to visit!
Talk about excitement (and the UPS man wanted to come, as well)

We rented a big van so that we could all ride together.
We spent some time sweeping it out so it was in great shape for our friends!

And we made a giant welcome sign for our friends
at the airport!

We included all the important things on our visit list..
the Holiday World trip

The promise of corn...

Swimming in the pool
Visiting the farm

Catching a movie
And our van got a tri color soap wash,
requested by the boys, both of them as we buzzed thru the car wash...
mom, mom can you get the colored bubbles.  Yep, there will be a day when
you don't care at all.

And we arrived at the airport, ready to greet our friends!