Meet Speedy GG

We have a new kitty around our place.
Allison and the twins shared one of their orange kitties.
Big Joe has been asking about a new kitten for a LONG while.
Junior (our current stray cat that we feed but we cannot get near)
is not the most friendly cat.
He wants a cat to snuggle.
As long as big Junior doesn't bully the new kitty we will be just fine!

And to name the little fella.
So back to an orange kitty, Joe was sure he would name him Ginger.
But, shortly after he found how fast hew was, Ginger might not do.
So, I suggested Ginger Flash.
But, nope.  He wanted Speedy. Speedy Gonzalez 
So, he has become Speedy GG.
Unless, you are Sam who calls him Junior 2 (you know because Isa named the first cat Junior)

Big bad cat was marking his territory and has started some cat fights since
But, Speedy GG keeps going back for more!