Hoosier Staycaton: Sleep 2

Morning one of the Hoosier Staycation (or Riedesels Go East),
was a slow moving one.  
While the kids did not sleep in extra late...
the three hour time difference meant 8am was really 5am for our friends!
We planned to stay around home on Sunday to allow for the time change.  
Seemed to work out great.
I learned that our new friends love coffee even more than myself, 
so most of our mornings began around the Keurig.   
Dan made us pancakes and sausage for breakfast, it was gobbled right up.

No plans meant the kids were free to explore and reconnect and make plans for the week.

It did not take long and we were in the POOL again.
We swam everyday of the staycation.

It was a great week for the weather.  
Dan was hoping for our scorching HOT Indiana weather, but that
held off until Thurs (and even then was not bad). 
It was perfect for porch sitting in the shade
while the kids played for hours.
We enjoyed all of our visits, recounting our activities for the year,
how our daily schedules compare,
 how we do not own raincoats and their kids play in the rain all the time,
how we hear about our kids wondering what their kids are doing and vice versa,
how much Isa would love or Sam would love something, 
how our jobs are,
and families,
and experiences with adoption and bio kids,
just life.
We ate BLT's on Amish Bread for lunch, still trying to remember supper, idk.

And the dad's joined the fun ( I swam much too, but I am not as exciting)
and spiced things up a bunch.
Like kids flying thru the air kind of spicy.

It looks like Isa will surely crunch Kai in this picture, but it was not so.

Lots of squirt gun fights, that turned into trying to squirt my sunglasses off my face from behind...
lots of water in my ears....grrrr.  But, oh the giggles from the kids.

And when we settled in for the evening, Isa began her quest
to tame the cat.  The quest lasted all week and she got close.
They tried wet cat food and a cat toy...and the only difference
in our wild cat by the end of the week was that
he had gained the name Junior.  Isa decided she like the name Junior.
It has stuck. Sam has a higher interest in the whereabouts of Junior, the wild cat, since Isa has left.
But still the only one who can pet Junior is myself...and that is at Junior's will only.

Settled in for another relaxing evening.  The kiddos slept here
for the first few nights, then moved to the red room for one Sleep until Isa and Sam
decided Sam's room was much much quieter for the last couple of Sleeps.