A normal Sunday and Monday.

Joe chose some new shoes for back to school.
I saw them on the sale rack and knew he would LOVE them...Dad not so much.
They are a little less "sportsy" and have high tops.
I love them and Dad went along once he saw Joe's desire for them, ha.
And he found some $5 headphones at Target,
love him all ready for church on Sunday morning.
After church, my Aunts came over and cousin Ryder entertained
us all day.
He was brave a decided to go off the board,
IF Christine was in just the right place.
(He even jumped in to me later in the day)

Ok, the best part of this day was hearing my Aunt's cheers for Ryder
as he jumped in to the pool.
 My aunts are awesome like that.
It reminded me that my dad's sisters have always been there,
during all of life's events, changes, good and bad... they have been there
to support and cheer us grandkids on. 
 It does not get better than that.
Pretty Blessed.

And Monday, it was back to work.
I was REALLY missing my little boys..but these bad boys
pictured below...heaven...mixed with dried fruit.

Texted DH that I was missing the boys
and got these pictures.  They were helping
Grandpa set forms for new concrete for a grain bin.

love that little farmer boy.
He has started to ask for jeans and tshirts with a front pocket.
Boots are a must.

The day was made much better when the bell rang at my drive thru window
and these faces appeared.
Make my heart swell.
That smile on Sam is my gentle sweet boy.
I love it when I see that.  
And Joe's face {insert crying eyes emoji}...who knows
was probably mad because Sam rang the bell.