Hoosier Staycation: Sleep 4 | Part 2

Sleep 4 of the Hoosier Staycation was well earned. 
We planned on exploring the farm.
The rain held us back a bit, but we still fit in some Tractor and Gator rides. 

Headed to the big green John Deere!

And Joe had to drive Kai around with Grandpa as the guide.

A stop to see the 4H rabbits

And the laying hens...

And one GIANT bossy rooster.

They gathered the eggs

And picked blackberries

Sam and Isa took their own gator ride, while Kai drove a smaller John Deere around.
The kids walked back to visit the cows.

We stopped at the Amish bait store and visited the beautiful horses
Wasn't long and it was time for our first big round of seafood...fish tacos.
Yum. Oh my.
We ate halibut and lingcod

Grandma & Grandpa and Blake & Noah came.
I asked Blake to bring monster cookies since they were new to those...they were a hit.
I think we had one left.

So, the fish tacos...the only reason DH would ever try key lime yogurt (yogurt of any sort, actually) was for Mark's fish tacos...also fresh pico de gallo and cabbage...they were heavenly!  
Paired with fresh corn on the cob, we ate like kings.

I told you we swam every day/night, ha.

This swim lasted until dark, even though some of the party goers
had gone home, we still pulled out the glow sticks
and fireworks.

This guy was done swimming, but we saw plenty of personality 
when the glow sticks came out.

And that Hoosier night sky did not disappoint...

And this was certainly a highlight.
We had seen lightening bugs every night, weather was just right.
But Mark was able to catch them on Sleep 4.
He giggled like a kid and ran from bug to bug.

They all took turns, rounding up a jar full = 
and memories to match.
They had never seen lightening bugs and had no idea they could be caught.

Then, it was time for DH's short but LOUD and NEAR fireworks show.

So near, that these three watched from here.

Night swim was on our must-do list...check!

We certainly earned Sleep 4.