Canning Stoll Peaches

Tuesday after work, Dan and I decided to can peaches.
Darrin and Shannon let us pick from their trees at Graber Hill Farms, Dan and the boys
came home with 2 bushel baskets and a 5 gallon bucket.
That is A LOT of peaches, but we plowed our way thru...most of them.

It was smoking hot last week, like work early
and quit early (if you can) on the farm.
So, Dan was home after I got off at 2, the
boys even stayed inside.
Too hot to swim?  Nah, just taking it easy.

We borrowed Grandma Jean's pressure cooker
and she shared Grandma Stoll peach canning recipe...
you know the one that is 1 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water to make a simple
syrup to pour over the peaches in the can, then seal.
WOW, that is a lot of sugar.
We did try freezing peaches last year but we did not care for them.

We did it!  The finished product is so pretty.
Hope they taste as good!

Our first (solo) canning experience was a success!!

I found those boys, the ones who were hanging out inside.
Also, the first peek on the blog at Joe's new bedroom.  
I had left this table in his room (the old extra room) and thought i would take it out sometime.
But, oh no.  He has set it up and taken it down many times in his one week in his new room.
He sets it up to play games when he invites people in his room.  Love him.

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Blake Callahan said...

I love his personality lol!