Hoosier Staycation: Sleep 7

The day leading up to sleep 7 was leisurely as planned.
2 certain someboys went fishing again....surprised?

The two younger boy headed over right away 
for another day of catch and release.  
And they borrowed the neighbors paddle boat to rescue a lost lure.

Funny Picture on DH's camera roll.

These two stayed around home at first drawing and creating.  
But, we got some photo updates from Dad and Joe at the pond
and soon we were all headed over

And then the paddle boat was used a bit for fun.

Sam is at ease from the moment he reconnects with Isa.
He was having fun on the boat, tons of giggles from them!

We enjoyed Indiana fish (but not from that morning, from earlier in the week)
for lunch with mac and cheese!

The afternoon was spent floating in the pool once again.
We really had great weather all week.

Fast friends, these two resemble each other a lot.  Their body structure is very similar and they
are very close in size.
Wrapping up a great week.  

Sam and Isa made a new batch of his favorite Chex Mix to send with
them on their trek forward!

We had a late supper of Smoked/Grilled Pork Loin with fresh green beans and fried potatoes.
Dad's made on more DQ run.
Even though we live in a small town, we are much closer to "Town" then they are...
they were surprised by how close good ice cream was!!!

Woke up for our last morning before the airport, they brought Joe's birthday gift along
and we strategically gifted in the last am (because my boys are obsessed with legos and building them RIGHT away) 
First set of Minecraft, you can bet those were a hit.
Sam scooped up the mix into bags for their airplane flight home, kids didn't know
it yet, but they were headed forward to meet their Grandma at Disney World!!
We did not tell our kids either because they would surely share the secret.