A Rod without a Reel

We left our friends at the airport and decided to lift our spirits
a bit with some retail therapy.
I need a couple of things from Trader Joes...almond butter, hello, yum.
And coconut chips, get in my belly!
And I spotted this store...
I don't know anything about it but
Blake sure does.  I knew she would swoon over
Nordstrom Rack.
I went in a looked around and she texted me a dozen times
would you believe I did not buy a thing?
Overwhelmed? I am not a big department store gal.
  One shirt jumped out at me, but typing this
I do not remember what it was, ha.  

And these two boys scored some new school stuff at the Nike outlet
and our shopping bug and zapped.  At least I thought...
so we grabbed some lunch,
we decided it was super quiet without our friends.
And my picture limit for the week was at a max, so no cooperation from these boys.

But then, DH remembered Bass Pro
and we made a stop
DH spent a gift card on a new rod.
Not a rod and reel, just a stick.
It is a stick with a grip on the end. SMH.
We had to send a picture of this the Mark
a Frog?

This was only a dollar, totally worth it
although it was tricky and I'm not sure the boys were very successful.

Big smiles from all 3 boys, the 4th slot was broken, boo.
We wrapped up shopping and headed home...because
there were Minecraft legos calling our name..
told you obsessed with building them as  soon as they are opened.
Joe asked for Sam's help, great sharing!
We relaxed a bit and then went to spot the boys projects at our 4H fair.