4H 2016

Both boys learned a lot this year on their 4H projects.
We decided to keep them simple becasue drop off and much of the week was during our friends visit!
Joe chose lego/building projects
and he had many to choose from, but was very proud
of his latest Knex creation, so he chose that one.
He still shows in mini 4H, he cannot wait until the real deal next year.

And this project, he is super proud.
I love it, too. Mainly, we love it because he made it with dad and grandpa.
His category was space; he was to make a rocket with items around the house
(or farm), and he got to use a welder.
Big points for dad this time, mom's crafts are not comparing any more.

And Sam chose to do collections and farm scene this year.
He chose to take his favorite basketball cards.

Look at that smile, he can't wait to hang it on his bedroom wall.

He won champion, was proud of that Purple Ribbon!
Looked extra special in the display case! 

And his farm scene won Champion as well,
he had fun creating with dad!