Hoosier Staycation: Sleep 6 | Part 2

We introduced our friends to our favorite state park: SpringMill.
Our boys LOVE the village...and would spend hours in the creek.
It had rained some so the grounds were somewhat muddy,
but it was a great day, no crowds.

I love this picture of Nicole and here kiddos!

We roamed around the Pioneer Village, saw the Mill operate
AND the blacksmith, first time for that.

They ran ahead much of the time, but there were not many others there, so that worked out fine.

In front of the water wheel at the mill, the mill still grinds corn for corn meal,
it is delicious!

The kids were very interested in this guy, he was forging a campfire stand.
Told them a lot about his work and magnetic properties and how they change with heat.
Short trek to a cave, it was heating up by this point and I was told it would cool
up by the cave.
Um, no.
There was a tiny wave of air by the waterfall, otherwise
it was HOT back in there.
We bribed the kids back out and away from trails that veered of the main path 
with the promise of wading in the creek.

Water was cool and they loved it, would have stayed in forever.

Sam's long legs were perfect for the lead (he also kept the pace cautious, ha) because it got deep in a few spots!

my guy after he went under that bridge...I love the creek but wore flip flops, not so good for creek walking!!

Love this, it was getting deep

And it was getting Indiana Humid by this point so we found some shade for
lunch and called it a day,packed up and headed home to.....

COOL off in the POOL,
so thankful that Kai and Isa loved swimming so much, made
filling the time with a fun activity very simple!!
Lots of rain had to be pumped off the cover.

Ganging up on Sam, he likely deserved it
Another chess rematch

And of course we had to fit in a meal at Grandma and Grandpa's house!
Dan requested rice krispie chicken and homemade ice cream...yum!
And Grandma's homemade rolls hit the spot.

We called our friends Daniel and Miriam for a buggy ride.
It was a lot of fun sharing an evening with them.
Enjoyed talking with them, and our kids loved the buggy and cart rides and playing tag!

Back to Grandmas for ice cream and peaches.
Cousins came over to visit.