Hoosier Staycation: Sleep 4 | Part 1

We planned a day all around our area,
our home, a bit of our town, and the farm for Tuesday.

Again with the slow morning that became familiar and comforting!
And it allowed the dads to fit in some pond fishing time.
They were up and at it early at the pond near our home.
We had fun with catch and release from this pond!
But, early in the morning before the shade left the pond and fish went to deeper, cooler water.

Sam and Isa on a walk back from the mailbox for his 4H labels,
we had to take his projects in for judging!

On their morning trek back.
Kids ate cereal and fruit for breakfast.

Played some legos all week of and on.

We stopped to pet Johnny after we had Sam's 4H papers signed at the neighbor's house.
Isa loves her animals so we was game.

We left for an early lunch at Dairy Master, a must visit if you are in Loogootee.
We all enjoyed Jumbo Tenderloins and Jumbo Pepsi and some cheese baskets to share. Kids topped it off with flavor twist cones
they knew what we were raving about, we left FULL>

We buzzed past my work, the banks, and churches, and the boys' schools,
the library and the pool...
And we lucked out because the mecca of town, the high school
gym was open.  At once, they understood all of our activities that center
around basketball. Jaws dropped and they were impressed with the gym
that holds more people than live in our town,
and is full on occasion.
We treked around and found mom and dad on the wall from the 90s and they
all giggled at how big my hair was in high school
(dan often teases me about that when I get sassy about something)

And then, despite the rain, we decided to stop at the birdhouse man's house.
Combined with our talk of basketball and Larry Bird and all Indiana has to offer..
Mark dubbed this place Crazy Larry Bird Man's house...
far from Mr Larkin that lives here, but silly and quirky nonetheless.
And quirky does describe this home.
Kids LOVED it, color at every turn and bridges
And Mr Larkin brought us umbrellas out and offered each of the kids
a souvenir birdhouse he had pained.  Much fun for sure!

And it was noon in Loogootee, IN.  
Onto the far, the second part of our trek around our hometown and the farm.