Indiana Ballers!

Sam's jam is always the games...wherever we go
The claws (ugh the claw games) etc.
We say no...but today DH let him choose a couple games.
He tried his luck at this game but he didn't win, came close
so DH took a turn.
I was up at the swings with Joe and the rest of the clan,
when I stole a glance at my boys shooting hoops.
I saw Dan make the first basket, and then the second and Sam's hand shoot up in the air all at once.
And then this...

He ran all the way to show me the giant ball.
And I was glad it was near the end of the day. (flashbacks to my brother carrying a giant gorilla around six flags on year in 198something)
But, it did not matter because Sam did not let go of the prize anyway.

Probably a $10 smile, so worth it.  He was so proud of his dad
and his new ball.

And then Sam's time to shine
as he made enough baskets in the 3 point shooting contest
to score his choice of an NBA banner.

Awesome job, bud! And you had your celtics shorts on already, great choice!