Missing My Girl

Almost 6 years ago, I hired my niece to work part time for me 
at the pharmacy.
She grew up there, learned customer service, responsibility,
and became a registered pharmacy technician.

{And made us smile one day 
when she bought us cabbage when we sent her to the store for lettuce.}

Her last day ever was at the end of December ;(

I'm not going to fib, I miss seeing her at least once a week for her short evening shift
when I could catch up on all of her latest news!
But, we did a little mourning the day she left.

We draped the employee entrance with black plastic...

And I made a protest sign.
She was all smiles though!

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1 comment:

Blake Callahan said...

I've learned a lot at WB.....the difference between cabbage and lettuce lol!!!