A weekend away

Dan and I enjoyed a great weekend away at the end of January.
WB treats us to a managers weekend in Indianapolis each year.
I look forward to it every year, and knowing my babes
 were well taken care of with Blake and Noah made me 
look forward to it even more!
This hotel...it never fails to deliver.

We met our friends, Toni and Chris for dinner on Friday night
at St. Elmo's steakhouse.
It was delicious, but seeing my Toni girl preggers with her baby girl was even better.

On Saturday, I met with this dynamic group of leaders.
I enjoy their company, ideas, and the energy I gain from meeting with other managers.
Seeing and knowing our owners is also energizing.  

We did miss a big basketball game of Sam's and that was TOUGH.
DH almost drove home for the game, and of course Sam scored the most points he had ever scored.
But, alas, Blake and Noah were there to cheer him on...
we heard about it tough and when I got the message during a meeting break...
I sent him this message!

And then we texted a bit from Blake's phone...
I had told them that the Denver Nuggets NBA team were staying in our hotel

And my opportunty came during lunch when their team was eating lunch
in the conference room next to ours...and I NEVER ever DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS...
but I got the courage to ask

this guy, the gaurd, if I could request a photo with one of the players for my son.
And he said, of course, when they are done eating I get one for you.
Pfew, again, not my style...but for one of my boys, yep.

And then very nice player stopped and gladly took a selfie with me
Jusuf Nurkic #23 center for the Denver Nuggets
*he was a smidge taller than I*
He was very cordial, introduced himself and was polite while I fumbled my camera around, LOL.

And talk about a pumped little boy, Sam was so thrilled.  He said a paid him back
for missing his big game.

We finished the night off at an awards ceremony for WB.
DH even had on a suit coat, but had already taken it off in the pic..boo.

Breakfast before we headed home for big Joe's afternoon basketball games.

We left refreshed and relaxed ;)
And we later realized that DH had shared his cold with me...boo.
We have been sick since then, ugh.
Spring is coming!

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Blake Callahan said...

I'm glad you two get to go every year!!