Surprise Summer Trip || Hershey PA Chocolate World

Our next stop was Hershey, PA
DH and I had been to Hershey back on our East coast trip when we were first married.
We knew we wanted to bring the kids back.  
Like everything, it has become bigger and more commercialized and there were a whole lot more people, but we loved it along with the rest of the crowds!
Everyone was all smiles for the chocolate ahead.
This guy is our chocolate lover.
And our other smiley guy was happy when he found out they made his favorite fruity candy!

We were standing in line for the chocolate ride when Joe spotted this cake
and said that he wanted that for this birthday, so we texted Grandma
and she said of course - no problem!  

The ride was cute and we enjoyed our small Hershey bar afterward!
We spent some time looking at all of the items for sale.
They had giant everything!

Deciding what they wanted to get as their souvenir. so precious!

Their choices!
And then we set out for the panhandle of West Virginia, for what you say?
Oh, a very special stop indeed!

We loved these tunnels in the way, there were 3!