Soaking up the Last of Summer

A few more gems from my phone.
These are more of those everyday moments that really won't look special to others.
These are placed on my blog because we are blog book readers
and those everyday moments are fun to cherish!

This selfie takes the cake for me.
Just a dad showing his son how to change the oil in the van.

And said son watching Grandpa weld.
These farm days are shaping and molding these boys.
And when they show interest (not all days have equal farm interest)
dad and grandpa soak it up.  Love that they take time to shape the boys.
And grandpa took time to help Joe build a birdhouse this summer.
Next up is painting that birdhouse, Joe is looking for the perfect shade of green.
We have had some perfect weather for rounds of PIG
in the driveway. Dad schooled his boy this day.

And days with the pool full are my FAVORITE>
seriously love it when everyone comes to cool off.

And a surprise Birthday Party at work took the cake!
A Baked Potato bar was PERFECT to celebrate birthdays of
Rachel, my pharmacist partner and me!  I really enjoyed it.
And after the potato bar (I worked until 2) we set off on our 
Back to School Summer Trip!
We headed east and drove 
to destination unknown to the boys.
And I got to read the seed corn book to Dan.
I know, be jealous ladies. it was such a good read.
But, we laughed a lot at the abbreviations and words I did not know.
I felt like I needed to go back to school.
And our first stop was at a chicken place.
We have this knack to try fried chicken places on vacation.
Not mama's things but these boys leave all smiles!
This one rated below Bojangles, but the tea was good. Ha