Surprise Summer Trip || Utz Factory

Are you a brochure reader at your hotel?
It drives Dan crazy, thinks it is junk.
But, Joe and I love them and we found this gem!

This summer our grocery store has started carrying UTZ chips 
and we LOVE their Honey BBQ
so when I saw this was 20 min from Gettysburg and (kinda) on the way to our next stop,
we headed that direction!

We were a bit disappointed when the factory tour was cancelled that day for a festival they were having.
But we stopped for a quick snapshot before heading to check out the factory store.

And in case there was any doubt what they made their chips out of..
we smelled this load of potatoes before we could see it..stinky.

I mean this was the chip mecca.  They had it ALL>

 I sent this to Allison, she would have gone crazy.

Best 20 minute stop ever.
Fun times.