Rewind to Last Day of Kindergarten and Second!

Just to keep things complete and empty my phone,
I better blog the end of school!  
Joe was excited for his last day of Kindergarten (and mama forgot to change the date to 2014)

And because mama was working when DH picked the boys up
this happened to my bar.
It looks similar to this more than I care to admit, LOL
right down to the socks and boys baseball cup. Smh.

 We took some time to sort their end of the year papers and get out their boxes where save their special papers.  It's also the time when the both get into looking at their old papers and remembering "way back when"

 This would be Joe. Sam undoubtedly agrees with his father and this statement would only be made
about grandma!

Lately, Sam has not wanted his picture taken, it really irritates him
And since I take enough pics when he is willing I've been trying to respect that!
But he had some awesome end of the year projects and this one is on our fridge!

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