Summer Seaside Day 2

We headed down to the beach after a great breakfast at the Donut Hole.
It was the boys and I for awhile, then DH joined us.  It was super early so not crowded at all.

These boys are at home in the sand. Played for a long time
without in a toys, no need!

Then we went out into the ocean and surfed the waves for a long while.

I want to remember
the boys squeals as the waves hit 
their black as night hair wet with ocean water
the white sand against their pretty brown skin
tan lines
salty kisses
the smell of ocean water
feeling of instant relaxation

And to top it off we enjoyed the splash park

Favorite part of the hotel was the bottom row of these rooms
opened right into the pool, so cool

We packed up and headed to meet up with the rest of the Walkers who had made it in from Indiana!!
They are staying at my brother's boss's house and it is super nice
We relaxed the afternoon away on the bay!

We spent some time in the super nice pool

 But I have to tell you that most of the day was spent out here in the bay.

 These two Drew and Joe might have had to get a tow back in, LOL!

 Our new home is under construction in the back ground!! SMH.

I want to remember
first jet ski rides
first canoe on the ocean rides
swimming in the bay
talking with Mo
country music
mud under foot
bright life jackets
Scott working on jet ski, still broken :(
Sam finding the easiest way our of the water
after Blake's broken toe
Cole taking me on a jet ski ride
Ocean breeze
Sun in the screened pool

 We finally checked into our condo tonight, ordered pizza
went for a walk and now are settled in!  Only day 2, 
more relaxation and memories ahead.

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