Berea Weird Animal VBS!

We've been home from vacation for one whirlwind week!
It was so very worth it
between work, more baseball, summer tennis, some swimming, Summerfest,
AND taking a stab at our 3 year commitment of leading a week at VBS
you might think we are tired.
Not so much.
God has provided: 
From meals from mother-in-law, rides to summer tennis, the blessing of DH working on the family farm allowing flexibility at times, rained out baseball (pfew), and a house that looks like it is lived in (ha), and coworkers that knew I would need lunch!
We made it, we were and still are blessed!

Our first blessing came in the form of a good friend who let us borrow some of the VBS decor that they were done with from their church.  Best part is: someone else got a hold of the decor for this week~ would love for it to move on again!

 Sunday afternoon we set up for VBS and we dyed some tshirts with the crew leaders and other adult teachers.  
 Our theme was Weird Animals, we had some real life weird animals!
 When we selected material for this VBS, this one stood out for the heads and us as well!
It had a clear message...no matter Jesus loves you!
If your left out, afraid, have done wrong, don't understand, or different...Jesus Loves You!
We had an amazing staff.
I received some of my biggest blessings from watching adults interact with children.
Making connection, laughing during silly inside games that were the result of outside rain.
Singing worship songs that share a message that will last the ages for these kids.
Watching them write their name on the cross.

God sent us just the right amount of kids.
He provided us just the right amount of volunteers.
He sustained us with just the right amount of energy.

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