Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday was my mama's birthday.
And I wonder how my day would have been different if she were here.
It was a blessed kind of day with no plans, that was probably her gift to us!
A few weeks ago, in early spring, we took these flowers out to my parents grave.
We do it often, but this trip the boys really got it.
They asked questions.
And have continued to ask questions, the hard kind of life questions.
Last night (it was late and they were tired) but it was the I don't want to lose you questions.
And I don't want to grow up.
And it would be so easy to calm their fears by telling them half truths...
that they won't lose me and they don't have to grow up.
And of course I did some of that, but the only real comfort we have is in Jesus.

That is the ultimate comfort that we can give them.

I wish I could tell them that we will have each other forever,
but no one gets forever here on Earth. 
 Some get longer than others, but it is all about quality.
It's about what you do together with the time you are blessed with.

I told the boys that we can't worry our days away. 
 We have to have fun together with the time we have.
We can't prepare for being separated.
Been there, had no time to prepare with my dad 
and while we knew, it was still not enough time
with my mom.

I miss my parents fiercely. 
 I wish they were at little league games, school plays, and family vacations. 
 I wonder if they would text or prefer a phone call.
But most days I am happy that they are together in eternity, 
I am happy that we had happy days, 
only good memories and I am certain they are 
waiting for the best family reunion ever!

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