Holiday World 2014

We made our annual trip to Holiday World last week!
My college roomie Katie called me and they were going for 2 days
so we joined them on day 1!
We arrived a little different times
and Santa had a crazy line when we walked past the first time.
Can you tell it was the end of the day the second time? LOL

Our first stop was the old fashioned cars.
We did these twice so that Joe could drive too!

 I'm super sad becasue this is the only evidence that we went with friends for the day!
Joe and Kiersten. Katie and even made the comment that I would take pics all day, usually do,
but our kids were moving fast and I loved the new wristband that you could load with money.
Meant I wasn't in my bag much and didn't need anything at all!

We spent much of the day in the water park with no camera,
but we stayed cool, ate lunch, splashed, floated, enjoyed some {smallish} slides
and lost track of Katie and Matt and kiddos who love the {biggish} slides, ha!
Boys could play 2 games each and this was a pick!

The 3 of us went of frightfull falls and they didn't have the camera on, boo.
I think I would have bought the picture from the sounds of my boys!
Sam snapped this blurry pic of Joe and I for proof of our adventure

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